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Automatic Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain 4000mAh Wireless

Automatic Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain 4000mAh Wireless

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DownyPaws 2.5L Automatic Stainless Steel Cat Fountain" is the correct and clear text with no spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. There is no need to rewrite it.
With our wire-free pet fountain, you can now place it anywhere your furry friend loves to drink without worrying about pesky wires. Give your pet the freedom to quench their thirst wherever they please, without any limitations.
Dual Water Modes
Some studies have shown that cats prefer flowing water. Instead, we chose to use the sensor feature so that the fountain would automatically begin to operate when it came near. While saving power, it is more likely to attract their attention so that they can come over to hydrate.
Attractive As Always
The stainless steel tray is not only more elegant in appearance, but also effective in preventing folliculitis on your cat's chin.
Low Water Detection System
The pump, which automatically recognizes the water level, can be stopped at low water levels, making it less susceptible to break down.
Enjoy Every Sip of Fresh Water
The filters are made up of a variety of materials, which makes it possible to remove harmful substances and bacteria from tap water when it is used.
Superb Silent
Unique receiving slope reduces splash and noises. Even if you put it in your bedroom, it won't interfere with your rest.
Product Size
We make the water fountain into a partial square shape. The height is also designed to meet the majority of cats who can drink comfortably while sitting or standing.

What's In The Package?

Standard Kit
1x DownyPaws Stainless Steel Cat Water Fountain
1x User's Manual
1x Type-C Cable
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Filter
*Warrenty: 1 Year

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